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Jessica is an editor and writer on film based in the UK. Whilst studying in Berlin, Jessica founded Wasteland, a collaborative online journal with an aesthetic lens on film and visual culture. Jessica will begin studying for a postgraduate degree in film at the University of Oxford in the autumn of 2021.


Since 2018, Jessica has been the editor-in-chief of Wasteland and its corresponding monthly newsletter, comprised of short essays on film. Each month, Jessica researches and curates the selection of films featured in accordance with the issue's theme, which she also selects. Recent issues have included: women behind the camera, performance, alternative animation, shorts, and placelessness. 


Staging the Body: Saint Maud

— March 2021, Unpublished Zine


— March 2021, Wasteland


— March 2021, Wasteland

Slouching Towards Nowhere: The Graduate

— February 2021, Cineccentric

Morvern Callar: Reaching for the Illegible

— January 2021, Unpublished Zine

Synthetically Eroded: Femme Fatales in Double Indemnity and Chinatown 

— January 2021, Wasteland

Visualising Liberation in "But I'm a Cheerleader"

— December 2020, MUBI Notebook 

Documenting Feeling in Claudia Weill's 'Girlfriends'

— December 2020, Unpublished Zine

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 

— June 2020, Wasteland



Betty Blue

— February 2021, Wasteland

A Cocktail of Confection: What a Way to Go!

— January 2021, Wasteland

La Haine

— January 2021, Wasteland


— December 2020, Wasteland

Perfect Blue

— December 2020, Wasteland

Possibly in Michigan

— November 2020, Wasteland

Cathexis in Toshio Matsumoto's Atman

— November 2020, Wasteland

Together, Separately: Maya Deren

— November 2020, Wasteland

The Theatrics of Tragedy in Demons

— October 2020, Cineccentric

Eyes Without a Face

— October 2020, Wasteland

Eyes Wide Shut

— October 2020, Wasteland

Reality and Fiction in Cheryl Dunye's The Watermelon Woman

— May 2020, Wasteland


My Last Summer

— March 2021, Cineccentric

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

— February 2021, Wasteland

Last Call 

— November 2020, Cineccentric


— October 2020, Cineccentric 

The Human Voice 

— October 2020, Cineccentric 

One Night in Miami 

— October 2020, Cineccentric


— October 2020, Cineccentric

The Devil All The Time 

— September 2020, Cineccentric

She Dies Tomorrow 

— August 2020, Cineccentric



Must-See Self-Directed Films

— April 2021, Unpublished Zine

My Dream Double-Bills

— February 2021, Unpublished Zine

What I Watched in Lockdown

— September 2020, Unpublished Zine


Discussing Vagabond

— March 2021, Cineccentric

In Memoriam 2019-20

— December 2020, Cineccentric

Short Films from the BFI London Film Festival 

— November 2020, Cineccentric

The Forgotten Films of Halloween 

— October 2020, Unpublished Zine

The Films of Chantal Akerman 

— October 2020, Cineccentric

The Films of Chadwick Boseman 

— September 2020, Cineccentric



Press delegate for the 2021 BFI Flare Film Festival.

— March 2021

Press delegate for the 64th BFI London Film Festival.

— October 2020


Web designer for Wasteland 's online journal.


Awarded the University of Kent's Humanities Rotary Prize for distinguished degree performance.

— June 2020

Graduated with BA (Hons) in English and American Literature with an Approved Year Abroad from the University of Kent, awarded first-class.

— July 2020

Studied Film, Literature, Gender Studies, and History of Art at Freie Universität Berlin.

— September 2018-19